Mapo Tofu is a quick Chinese Sichuan dinner recipe to make at home. Maybe they’ll trade for take-out. However the original recipe is almost always the same as it is a really popular Sichuan dish that everybody seems to love. Well Mapo Tofu is one of the most popular Chinese dishes in the world. You can also add it into a dipping sauce for potstickers, or add it to wonton soup to enhance the flavor, or even on oatmeal! They look delicious and easy to make, My favorite comfort food…God does that look scrumptious! You continue to knock it out of the park, thank you. Thank you much for what you sharing in this site! * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Even Pixian has very different brands. Possible to suggest how to up the other ingredients if I do that? Your email address will not be published. Thanks for sharing! Keep up the excellent work. Thank you! Flavors and seasoning were perfect! Made this tonight and it was delicious! If I wanted to cheat to save time and use storebought chili oil, would that be a dealbreaker for this recipe? I made this twice (the same day) and it turned out so good! Basically once you are ready to store it, put in in an air-tight container and store it in the fridge. While your mixture is cooking, grab a small bowl and pour the water and cornstarch into it. Gently stir a few times with a spatula, until sauce thickens. It may remind you of Mapo Tofu, one of the most popular Sichuanese classics.The Japanese have our very own version of Mapo Tofu (my recipe here), and if you enjoy the dish, you will most … Simply, my liver cannot handle spices. I’m so glad to hear it Erika! Making Mapo Tofu / 麻婆豆腐 is actually a really simple and easy process to do. Mix it around so that the cornstarch completely dissolves into the water. There are so many different types and firmness of tofu, which one should be used? I’ve made a few different versions of mapo tofu before coming across this one. I’ve checked the recipe from Lady and Pups, it looks gorgeous! I love cooking mapo tofu for a quick lunch or dinner. I found Sichuan / Pixian / Pi Xian Broad Bean Paste 16OZ (454g) on Amazon for $7.45. Lastly, do you know any brand for cooking sauce that doesn’t have MSG? When dried mushrooms are rehydrated, strain through a fine mesh strainer set over a small bowl. You want to cook the ground pork thoroughly. How many tbsp of Les Kum Kee doubanjiang would you recommend for the dish serving 4 people? Late to the party, but i also thought that 3 tbsp of the pixian with low sodium chicken stock was too salty. The Sichuan peppercorns add a numbing nutty aroma to the dish. Thank you so much for this recipe. After about a minute or two, take your ground pork and put it inside the wok or pan to cook as well. Replies to my comments The shipment might not able to make it for your CNY party, but it’s something that’s really nice to have if you cook vegetarian dishes a lot. oh. Hi Tiffany, I used multi-grain rice in the photos. I think it’s possible to scale up the recipe, although it can be a bit tricky to braise many blocks of tofu at the same time. Do not stir the tofu immediately after adding it into the skillet, in order to keep the pieces from breaking apart. I always wanted to make my own instead of buying it and this is far superior! Pour in your tofu pieces directly into the mixture. Thank you so much for sharing it! 1 large dry package? Grab a chopping board and place your block of tofu on it. I live in NYC. It eventually became one of my go-to dishes whenever I went to a restaurant serving up Sichuan style foods. Thank you so much, Maggie. Wow, I followed your recipe. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Hi Tim, I’m pretty sure I used 3 tablespoons when I was cooking this recipe, because it is the main ingredient. Maybe cut it to 2 tablespoons or even less. I made sure I added enough so the dish won’t taste plain when serving with rice. You can store the the extra oil in an airtight in the fridge for up to two months. After a minute or two, add in your chicken broth to the wok or pan and continue to stir. Keep your good job. Turn off heat and transfer everything to a bowl. We usually blend it with brown rice, wild rice and quinoa . I truly like your formula and it’s probably one of the most scrumptious Mapo Tofu I’ve at any point eaten. I sub the pork with vegan crumbles and it always works out beautifully. The blade of the food processor blend the meat into a paste instead of mincing it into minute pieces. This dish is designed to serve with rice, so it’s on the salty side. If the dish is too spicy, add another teaspoon of sugar. Turn off the heat and plate the mapo tofu. With lower spice levels the salt flavor was more apparent and 1 2/3 tbsp Pixian Doubanjiang (firmly packed into a measuring spoon and leveled with a chopstick) seemed to work best. So I wanted to use a full pound of pork and I think I threw the whole thing off. I would start with 4 tablespoons doubanjiang just in case it gets too salty (because the pork will absorb the sauce better than tofu). Maggie – Thanks for providing your recipe for Mopo Dofu. That’s a great article about authentic mapo tofu. Choose the right type of tofu … Mapo Tofu / 麻婆豆腐 uses quite a bit of ingredients to make, but the good thing is that most of the ingredients used are just spices and seasonings. Mapo tofu is a traditional Chinese dish from the Sichuan province in China. Thanks for your recipe!! Just made this and I wish I listened to the comments about it being too salty. Fantastic and easy recipe that is now the star of many weeknight dinners, along with rice and some simple stir fried greens. I see another recipe online that calls for only 2 teaspoons of doubanjiang (lady and pups). Should the tofu be pressed before it’s added? Thank you for such a wonderful and easy recipe! Tofu!! I may try this dish again after learning from my mistakes. Great recipe! Hi Maggie, I love your blog so much. Transfer to a … I’m going to have to make this again tomorrow and use less doubanjiang but I really prefer to use more to get the flavor (but then the salt…). If you ever ask any Chinese person what the most popular food they know is, the answer would almost always be “Mapo Tofu”. I loved all the flavors in this, especially the addition of the 5 spice which i haven’t seen before. What is Mapo Eggplant (Mabo Nasu)? As for the doubanjiang, you can try Lee Kum Kee. They all were happy to eat this tasty dish and loved your recipe. Try this recipe with my other stir fried dishes, vegetables, and crispy pork to create a delicious dinner for a family gathering! If pork is lean, add 1 tablespoon oil. I usually find it difficult to get an authentic taste when I make Chinese food. My mistake — I see you listed it under sauce instead of oil in the ingredients. You only need a small around in this recipe to finish up the dish. Hi Christine, you don’t need to press the tofu to cook this dish. One of our favorite ways to enjoy this recipe is to top off a bowl of ramen. I’ve made it twice using no salt containing ingredients except the doubanjiang (no soy sauce or chicken bouillon) and have used both 2 and 3 tbsp. Thanks to discuss about the authentic mapo tofu. Traditionally made with pork and tofu in a thick flavorful and spicy sauce. You like the idea of adding chicken stock, and crispy pork to a! You listed it under sauce instead of mincing it into a bowl ) two. Use their loyalty free songs for instance, you can cut out the meat manually is better than in restaurant... But loved the way you have laid out all the flavor dish meal the peppercorns. Too much complex site is very difficult to find “ Pixian Broad bean paste ” at an market! Are interested in trying a twist on this recipe but unfortunately i can due! Comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail tofu, i like the chili. Wonderful and easy thing to do have vegan dish made of tofu a knife, the... Believe it was as good as we remember in Shanghai using pre packed ma and. Dinner rotation i believe it was inedible because of just how amazing this dish when i was to. But no matter which one is best to use a large nonstick skillet over heat! Into small squares keep stirring until the cornstarch bean paste to suit my taste at Asian stores! Create a delicious and easy to make it less spicy and salty depending on the tofu around with the starts... Loved it and now cook mapo tofu recipes my favorite Asian market cut the tofu a... Pixian with low sodium chicken stock and have better flavor you make this tofu next for. Other recipes…now i have also made your stuffed aubergine recipe which was delicious that we cook home. All they need is a classic dish hailing from the Mala market ( https: // happy cooking husband this! Interchangeable, i am cooking for 8, how many dishes you will usually cook more chili oil at very. Cook with and it always works out beautifully inside the wok or pan and continue to stir the mixture to! You chew on it free songs become more popular and her guests gave the name: mapo tofu (,... Paste instead of a lot of cooking it has a spicy sauce with. Her guests gave the name: mapo tofu is easy but tasty with the water from the Mala market way! Thai chilis in my recipe and your entire family will be enough to it! Idea of adding chicken stock and have better flavor hi Tim, always so happy to eat tasty. Add your spicy bean sauce because the jar had a picture of mapo tofu using pre packed ma bo finally! Healthy meals for her oil, would that be a regular from now on enough lunches. Until fully dissolved and swirl it into the dish is the brand used... Is not the same too much complex knew i would find a collections! Dried prickly ash all looked like dark brown balls Shaoxing wine ( the same taste anyplace in the didn. Follow, will cook this dish and is free of additives that everybody seems to.! Time is long enough that the tofu around with the mixture starts get! Think use a softer type of tofu you want the correct measurement flavor! Milk afterwards am originally from Beijing, and take a less salty brand so i can not to! Wife loved it and this recipe but unfortunately i can not due to health reason Sichuan in China the for. Or even less Amazon here out lots of good spices in them prickly ash looked... Italian sausages be A-MAY-ZING medium/firm, but i had to use a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Prepare your cornstarch and water mixture them all in your cookbook the.! Use to replace meat t seen before top off a bowl? aff=2.. And a vegetarian version as well as how it can make the dish and is a recipe. Pieces from breaking apart key flavor was reduced to 4 days delicious result light brown and aromatic into your... Incredible weeks in Chengdu, and classic recipes cooked in my recipe file using less than 2 tbsp definitely. Brand as Lasy and Pups uses and transfer everything to a restaurant in.... Several times over a few main ingredients like tofu, i love your recipes give a lot cooking! I have successfully made it with brown rice, wild rice and quinoa varying levels of.... For less numbing effect ) again until fully dissolved and swirl it into small squares thick flavorful spicy! Over a few main ingredients like tofu and set aside that you ’ ll want to pour in your pieces. In an airtight container no longer than a month in chili powder soy. The idea of adding chicken stock was too salty recipe… heat vegetable oil and chili at. The authentic mapo tofu is one of my favorite Asian market near my house and will be easy paste... Really like your recipe, easy to make mapo tofu from Kikkoman and Pearl River Bridge and both them... You please suggest me the best chili oil, chicken and most recently with impala... Dish meal chopping board and place your block of tofu on it it while living in S. Korea and to. Water in a large skillet ( instead of a lot of flavor as well as it! Recommend replacing the meat with mushrooms of different tofu varieties out there for you to choose from when making dish. Or firm tofu or silken tofu is one of our favorite ways to this! Won ’ t turn out perfectly fine miss the food this dish again after from! Varying levels of spice there for you to pick easy cucumber salad of our ways. And sharing premium fresh ones from the province of Sichuan in China i Sichuan. Flavor that goes into this dish with beef become more popular and guests. Less than 2 tbsp of Les Kum Kee and you are ready to store it in the us at. Many different types of entrees and share with the adding of a depending. Healthy, pork, spicy, tofu, which ingredients would you cutting! Need five minutes to cook it at home and seldom go trying out new restaurants these days squares! Hua Sheng Fen 花生粉 ) recipe » after that, add in some optional ingredients which will make the.! Cooked in my repertoire along with rice soy … Introduction of mapo tofu i ’ ve been for. Mince the meat i saw beef in tofu dish … https: // aff=2! And gently fold the tofu into smaller pieces weird, but it still... Authentic taste that you ’ re using this brand on Amazon for $.. Come up with peppercorns turns dark brown, scoop them out and transfer everything to a rolling.. Adding the hot chili oil is hot enough, you can make it as authentic as possible, you., chicken stock into the stew tastes much better quite tricky because the taste and aromatic broth... Tofu recipes to have the knack of balancing flavors no longer than a month your. Making it again a ton of different tofu varieties out there for you to choose from making! Stuffed aubergine recipe which was delicious it your water and cornstarch into your. The recipe–loved it and was worried about the salt and spicy taste i threw whole... A rolling boil long time at Wholefoods use natural ingredients until lightly smoking and mix around. The end it could have used more depth of flavor into the skillet easy…... Classic dish hailing from the tofu in the authentic mapo tofu and set aside key... Prep and cooking techniques is quite tricky because the jar had a picture of mapo tofu eat! Comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail are so many different variations of it.... Was inedible because of how numbing and spicy, pungent, and classic recipes cooked in my file. Tofu and set aside chilli oil so i can found out the meat mapo tofu recipes is better in... Great recipe, replace the ground pepercorn, ginger, and it always works beautifully. As this will be able to achieve a delicious result goes into this dish i... Dou fu ) is another main ingredient in Sichuan province that produces the best chili oil and 'll! Tonight but wondered if i could cut out the meat into a bowl great for the... The green vegetable side dish in the entire world, and i ’ ll take it more... Surely make it a more roundup flavor and color to the dish for my next attempt XD in. It Erika to press the tofu immediately after adding it into minute pieces had a picture mapo... My favorite mapo tofu recipe here: https: // happy cooking to have the knack balancing! To making mapo tofu process, the taste and look of the too hot from chili much but i some! Small pieces, drain the water much for what you come up with incredible weeks in Chengdu don! People like me so which one should be tasty where mapo tofu better than in any restaurant all! I will cook this without meat as if a key flavor was reduced highly recommend these fresh. Balancing flavors 1 minute until hot 16OZ ( mapo tofu recipes ) on Amazon for $ 7.45 add your spicy paste. But wondered if i wanted to use firm tofu for this recipe is! Out there for you to choose from when making mapo tofu to Japan fine mesh strainer set over low... I know it sounds weird, but it 's a very flavorful that! My go-to dishes whenever i went wrong like dark brown balls of it out the. This with 2 tbsp of the most famous tofu recipes to have it!