I am searching some place in Oregon (I live in California and forgot to budget for the vacation). ... small town when the movie … Hi everyone, Mandeville makes the most of its location on Lake Pontchartrain too, hosting the annual Winter on the Water where locals deck out their boat decks and float past downtown with Santa bringing up the rear. LET’S DO IT!!!! Super sweet people. Again thank you for having this site and for knowing so many more people feel the same. I’m also wondering if a place exists! That was my don’t laugh comment. Still have hope though. It looks just like it does on the movie except for the snow. They have a beautiful town, with a lot of events around Christmas time where some of the town folk get dressed up in Colonial wear, like a Charles Dickens Christmas with carol singing, and the town decorated in a festive way. I hope that those Hallmark type of towns exist and that we are not only limited to watching them on the movies. I can’t say that it’s a great small town. Hi Peggy My sister lives in a small town in Maine, South Bristol. She’s from the Tucson area but currently lives in VA. What small towns do you recommend in AZ? It would also be great to come across love . Heck I’m ready to find some people so we can buy some property and make our own small town lol. I am on the hunt for small town feel as well, yet one that is thriving. Fantasizing for the right house in the right town with that quaint atmosphere. I sure hope so! People also love these ideas What about it everyone? All i can say, the closest thing I have been to is Highlands, NC. Thanks for commenting. We love to vacation there and hope to retire there. Whether you live in the country, the suburbs, or a city, you could create a community with your neighbors. , I say we all create this town! Lead me to one!!! I’m in let’s do this. So far I haven’t heard of any real ones. Thanks for commenting. Welcome to my website Ryan. It’s been years and still we are all searching for a town that has the community feeling we’ve been missing. That is definitely an unusual name for a town. The search continues for those places. The amazing economy and low unemployment in other parts of the country have passed us by. Just like it's seeming as if all the Netflix Christmas movies are connected and exist within one universe, Hallmark's Evergreen franchise is just as interwoven. but you (we) need to look into the cost of living in those areas because these beautiful places also cost a pretty penny to live in. I had to stop watching the movies for several years after my parents passed away five years ago. I would love to find someplace like “Hope Valley” or maybe “Evergreen”, if they exist. I’m hoping they are not just fictional. Welcome to my website Peggy. Does anyone out there know the name of that town in Iowa that Mark is referring to? That would be perfect! In reality, the majority of people are vaguely neurotic, prejudiced, judgey, defensive, etc. I did see that Forks is located near the Olympic National Forest. Southport NC sure does look pretty from some of the images I was able to get on Google. Rather than caring for family values, people here thrive in an ‘alternative’ community that openly brags about any depraved behaviour, especially of a sexual or drug related. USA has given me so much but I so wish that I could have some neighbors who would bother to talk to me or at least casually ask how life is at least once in a week. Maybe one day someone on this chain will create the perfect small town, and we will all move in. Most of the small town movies I watch are the Hallmark movies. Hugs for all of us Hallmark and small town lovers <3, Welcome to my website Alex. There are many stories like this in the quaint little town. I wish I had the resources to create our own Hallmark type town. Now that Hallmark is doing movies year round, I find that the my small town curiosity is being peaked with every season. Article by Country Living Magazine. Of course as the holiday movies begin to play again, the desire is reignited. Welcome to my website Marie. Wouldn’t that be nice Taylor? Just waiting for my son to graduate high school than me & my fiancé are ready to go I hope I find my new small town life. It’s become nearly unbearable for locals, of which there are hardly any left. Welcome to my website Cathy. I live in the center of that town, moved here three years back straight out of Austin Texas. Again repetative, I have the same dream. I want to live in a town like Middleton from The Good witch. Welcome to my website Jo. But California’s lax laws on crime now, and a whole other complicated set of political and social factors have nearly destroyed it. I’m in Texas where we have lots of small towns, but I haven’t come across anything Hallmark like as of yet. Thanks for commenting. Trusting in the honesty and good of people. , It is amazing to see how long this chain has been going on. Needed a positivity injection, I guess you could say. I think there are two reasons these towns don’t really exist: The first is the economy. Too big! Welcome to my website Dawn. Another town to check out! 10 Real-Life Towns Where Hallmark Christmas Movies Were ... places full of Christmas joy and charm actually exist? Until then we have to be content with the Hallmark movies. Happy Holidays to you ALL! Don’t misunderstand, I’m not suggesting all outsiders should be unwelcome or such, but within reason, and they should respect the community. As we are watching a Hallmark Christmas this very moment we were reminded of our wish. Call me a hopeless romantic or a dreamer but I do believe in both. . There are so many people here who all want the same thing! I found this site when looking for a small town like the ones in the hallmark christmas movies I’ve been binging on. I am stuck in reality of my little town that seems to good to be true. Every year the tree lighting and Weinachten take place in the town square. Welcome to my website. I found the Asheville area of North Carolina to be beautiful when I went through it, but I don’t know enough about it to give any feedback. Welcome to my website Jenny. I wonder how we would go about doing it? I’m going to check it out. Share it with us! Some of our town folks actually photoshopped a billboard that basically said ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way out.’ This is one of the reasons I left my hometown in ‘80 and said I would never be back. But even it has its share of issues. It has a sense of community that is lost in most of america. I guess I’m far from the only one looking for a town like Middleton (good witch ). On top of that everyone has their own unique vision of what ideal looks like, and not everyone would agree. Loraine, Forks is the small town that the Twilight books are based upon. Alright everyone, let’s look into Black Mountain, North Carolina. If there's one thing Hallmark loves more than a royal romance, it's a small-town romance. I have not been to McAdenville NC. I am still hopeful about finding those places where community cares though. I think Hallmark and the like has encouraged us to find that kind of living that makes you feel good and always want to do for each other and still be able to fulfill the desire for a true love. LOL Jackie – we will keep that in mind. I also visited Southport this summer because of all the movies: Safe Haven, I know you did last summer, the notebook but it still was a bit big for me…i literally want a Main Street with everything on it, including a Gazebo! So do my kids, who are now all grown. I also found you while looking for the perfect “HALLMARK” town to move to. . Happily, Hallmark is debuting 40 (!) I’ve given a lot of thought to this topic over the years… not just when the Hallmark Christmas movies appear, but also when watching reruns of Gillmore Girls and other shows/movies which feature these idealized towns. More perfect places for you: - Santa Barbara, CA - San Luis Obispo, CA - Avalon, CA. I have, unfortunately, been to lots of small towns that are not thriving. But the town is nothing like what you see in the movies. Love love the Hallmark movies I guess I’m a hopeless romantic☺. I am so sad because it seems like they don’t exist. I too have been looking for those towns like on hallmark. . I’m sorry that you’ve had that negative experience. Welcome to my website Julie Anne. Welcome to my website. Welcome to my website Diane. I’m not sure if they really exist but I am not giving up. Having said that, here are a couple of things to keep in mind: 1) New England states (and CT in particular) have a very expensive cost of living, compared to other states in the U.S. People are moving out to the southern states by the thousands every year, and our family is considering this as well. Hi there…yes I am in search of the same thing…want to take my family to a Hallmark town to celebrate next Christmas with snow….we live in Florida……snowbirds in reverse I suppose…..I have heard of Woodstock, VT and wonder if anyone knows about that area….thanks. I was born & raised in flint back in 1950 – 1960’s, (graduated from Flint Northwestern). Very small and quaint. A sense of community and connections could be formed in the adult community and then extended out into the broader community for more atmosphere. I’m so sorry to hear about your small town. . Most of the wholesome TV shows and films shown now are filmed in Canada I’m fairly certain. Welcome to my website Mindy. I grew up in the Detroit area so I have visited Frankemuth and Bronners many times. I especially live the holiday movies and absolutely live the towns. I actually found one, many years ago, and moved my family there sight unseen. My little town was a nice place at one time. Reminded me of a “Hallmark” kind of town. Susana Ramírez/Stocksy. I’m hoping I’ll find that lovely that celebrates and embraces the holidays with friends and family.☺ I’m glad I’m not the nly looking for these towns. I love that you are willing to try to create that feeling in your town. Let’s keep looking! I just said to my husband that I my dream is to move to a town that is in the Hallmark Christmas movies! Stop back by here after you’ve visiting Solvang and let us know how that visit was. I too am in Jacksonville, FL. We will find the place – I know it! Frequent your local coffee shop, the library, a church or place of worship, school events…whatever works for you. Listen to the Lifetime Uncorked Podcast here! It’s the topic of its own story and movie. I live in Gilbert. I say we all pool our money, resources and skills together and purchase one of these small towns that have been deserted and make our own town! I know that San Antonio and New York City would be too big to qualify for the small town status, but maybe some of these other towns? , I’m all for that idea l’d love to find a place like that and start a little town.I’m so over this city stuff is I live the Hall mark channel, Welcome to my website Yvonne. Hi Loraine! A small town that has lots of community spirit and support is Forks, Washington (don’t laugh!). You can still see some of the sites used in the show. I get more name recognition from the Starbucks which is twenty miles away than I do from the local grocery store. Thanks for sharing that town with us. And the Candlelight Evening highlights the season at the Farmers’ Museum, where 150 carolers serenade horse-drawn sleighs as they drift through the museum’s snowy grounds. However, in the past few years, visitors have found out about the town and now it’s becoming more populated. Welcome to my website KayRock. In California, for instance, they can be just as easily set in the adobe homes you’ll find in the tiny seaside village of Monterey. What I want out of life is portrayed in these movies. I just lost my Mom to cancer this year I have nothing here. Because in reality, none of those shops are making enough money to support the lifestyles these people all live. I think it would be so neat to be able to visit an actual Hallmark-type town for the Christmas holidays. The porches along Main Street are filled with carolers, and visitors can take guided tours of the homes Rockwell made famous. Ketchum, Idaho is a great town! So got together and farmed the land for him. …for the way things used to be, which still lives on in these Hallmark movies. I too, as many people have said previously, been looking for a town like those in the Hallmark movies when I stumbled across your website. The Good Witch is my ultimate favorite, but so are the holiday movies. It is amazing to see so many like minded people in one place, all looking for the same quaint little town. It’s such a beautiful, quaint town. I am a Hallmark fan completely! Thanks for sharing that with us. I’m in!!! PLEASE tell us about it! I’m excited that they have been making them all year round now. Several websites you can check out: . Our family’s prayed for that for a long time…, Welcome to my website Debbie. I have lived in cities from Pittsburgh to Jacksonville and back, and I just cannot seem to find that Hallmark town. Thanks for commenting. . Some are nice, but most are more concerned about their lives than those of their neighbors. I was searching the same thing, which is how I found your post. Thanks for the suggestion. 2018-12-04 mediabest Travel. It’s a lovely little town that sits on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. Obviously, there is no snow. Soon, I will close on a house that was built in 1849 – at one time it belonged to my great grandfather and grand-father. I want a Hallmark type town to have those qualities we love during the year as well. While most of the towns in those movies are fictional, dozens of small towns around America look just as magical in the winter. You never know, right? Enter malls, strip malls, large chain stores etc, and we saw the demise of nice little communities. Wow!!! The people are warm and welcoming if you are a permanent resident. I’m going to check out this list. If you can pull yourself away from that level of coziness, check out Candy Cane Lane, a residential street (Morse Drive) where neighbors try to outdo each other for the most over-the-top Christmas decorations. . And those of you who have suggested some of the towns, have you ever found any toward the Southeastern states? That would be a good wish to have Mr. Roarke grant. The Real-Life Small Town in Hallmark's 'A Majestic Christmas' Is Full of Holiday Spirit. The weather is very nice, and the cost of living and crime are rate are low. Little shops with bakeries, antique stores, the Barter Theater, Martha Washington Inn, all within walking distance. I’ll always be searching for that perfect Hallmark town. I live near a small town that has the potential to become a “Hallmark” town. In these films, the people never lose faith and that actually makes those locations quite attractive and the movie even more rewarding to watch. I found you when I searched, “I want to retire in a Hallmark town.” If we can’t find one preexisting maybe we could build one! Ok I have an AWESOME idea… since there are SO many of us that would just LOVE to live permanently in a Hallmark movie setting – let’s all move to the same place; low crime area of course, and create our town!!! Ok that’s it. Googled the town and it seems like it would be as if you were walking on to the set of “Murder She Wrote”. I think we all have to just make our lives and those around us like a Hallmark movie. I’m so glad I’m not the only one!! Search for a topic, destination or article, We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. You do bring up a good point though. Welcome to my website Katie. I hope that is not the case. Welcome to my website Rod. Welcome to my website Lish! I currently live in California and want to retire to a “Hallmark” town. A gazebo would be awesome! I hear ya. Every year I dream about being in a town such as in the Hallmark movies. I’m watching a Hallmark Christmas movie right now.I would so love to live in a small town like the ones in these movies.It would be a dream come true to have such close friends and neighbors. Thanks for your insight. The once thriving economy is terrible. So I have lots of things that have influenced what type of movies I like which is mainly TCM, HM, comedies, military, and most things that are clean in nature. If you’re gonna gorge yourself on holiday food this season, there’s nowhere better to do it than the Louisiana Bayou. You should move… nowhere. . What used to be virtually empty roads that all of us kids used to play openly on, and open fields, are now as busy as highways and full of housing developments. For more information, please see the. August 2020. It’s the most wonderful time of the year — the holiday season! My husband and I are going to try and restore the home and register it with the historical society – or make it a B&B. I’ve had the “Hallmark Town” fantasy in my head since way before Hallmark movies existed. Most of these movies are filmed in Canada…maybe that’s the answer! They light up the square as a town but that is about it. One thing I love to do at this time of year is to watch the movies that the Hallmark channel puts out for Christmas. Thanks for the suggestions. Welcome to my website Pam. Hello It’s that time of year when you get home, plop yourself down on the couch, and start scrolling through your phone while a Hallmark Christmas movie plays in the background. I feel like I never fit in anywhere I would love to move to a small town where I made friends & we were welcomed with open arms. new holiday films this year (we'll update … Looks like we have a small town to check out everyone! Miss it so much- no where comes close to a hallmark movie like this place ❤️ Definitely worth a visit to this area for a wine and mountain lover. are all vastly more expensive, and well-paying jobs are disappearing by the thousands as well. It is so nice to connect with others who love the Hallmark movies. An ice rink is set up so folks can ice skate. I am guessing the the travel channel get’s this question a lot, so they put a list together of the top 10 towns or cities with the best holiday spirit: , Hi! I think I would love to live in one of those towns. Do they exist..where can I find one. I actually know of one: the Hallmark movie “Christmas in Homestead” was filmed in Dahlonega, GA. Also, the movie “Christmas in the Smokies” was filmed in Dahlonega too. Definitely recommend if you are looking for a Hallmark, quaint, ski village. Best of luck to all of you! That is so great that you and your wife are able to travel to find that place to retire. Like someone who has lived here their whole life or a decade or so gets sick and can’t afford medical treatment they open up one of the buildings and cook dinners and have Raffles and you donate or buy a plate and sometimes they sale t-shirts at them to help. Welcome to my website Darrelyn. We call it the Town of Hallmark. The sad thing is that everything Deb said is, TRUE! If colonial America holds more charm for you, jump on New Castle’s Spirit of Christmas tour, where you’ll wander through historic homes and churches dating back over 200 years decorated in Christmas splendor. . Sometimes it takes people awhile to warm up doesn’t it. It’s the Stockbridge from Rockwell’s famous “Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas” painting, so while plenty of New England towns go all out for Christmas, this is the poster child. I’m so excited to hear that there are some small towns where the community cares. I’m going to look Kane, PA up Denise. They are that small and even smaller! I currently live in Florida and am searching for a town I can call home. The only catch is people move to these small towns and then they aren’t so small anymore, and some locations know you by name and some by number! I’m binge watching “The Good Witch” and love the idea of living in a small town. Welcome to my website April. Glad Im not alone, sad we dont have a big list yet! Wow that is awesome wish I could make it the right about now. I finally confirmed that I’m not alone in this world who also dreaming to visit and to settle down to places like what we used to see in hallmark movies. But I think most small towns probably won’t like new people especially city. Still wishing, hoping and yes, praying it all happens before I am too old to care. Thanks for sharing Bryson City, NC. Welcome to my website Nisha. You can find it here: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/nook-blog/debbie-macombers-5-favorite-small-towns/ , I do recommend ppl check out Berlin Maryland…”America’s Coolest Small Town”, I’m going to check that one out Jessica. Where there is a will, there is a way. Of course small mountain towns exist, just not like the ones on those Hallmark movies lol. Now to find funding and a location. We will keep looking. As far as Dahlonega this is where I went to college. I grew up in Florida but spent my summer in York, Maine. The sprawling market is filled with Christmas regalia; fresh-baked goodies; warm, cinnamony drinks; and other stuff to fill the air with cheer. Fantasy or reality, I really would love to experience it. But this is also the nature of everyone trying to find somewhere new. Sorry to hear about your memories of Flint. A Small Town Christmas Stars: Kristoffer Polaha and Ashley Newbrough. Everyone keep looking and share the info when you find it! , Hello everyone! Thanks for commenting. I live in a super small town. Welcome to my website Margaret. Yeah, I was hoping to hear about a bunch of places, but so far only one or two have been suggested. Where is this place??? I like that idea. PFA (People From Away) are appreciated for their tourist dollars. I’m wondering…. Where God is present on a daily basis, not just in the churches? times are tough but all of our hearts want to live in that quaint little town *sigh. There is a pristine lake nearby. But beyond the mistletoe kisses and snowy scenes, the films may inspire a little wanderlust, too. I know everything is not perfect but it was be so great! . Sounds like the hunt is still on! Dec 27, 2019 - A few filming locations for your favorite Hallmark Christmas flicks were charming, ... 8 Hallmark Christmas Movies Filmed In Real-Life Small Towns. As I was watching one recently, I was struck by one of the reasons that I find many of these movies so appealing – the small towns. I’m watching a hallmark movie right now and I can just imagine myself living in one of those small town. . One where the residents have shared values. I live in a beautiful little town called Weston, Missouri. However, on the other end, I would also love to visit small towns that have been featured in hallmark movies. They did the whole Christmas tree lighting in the square which is surrounded by homes that are on the historic registry list. Oh, this is so exciting Janet! Her life growing up in Kane sounds like a Hallmark movie. . I think we have enough people looking to make one of those small towns. You'd walk outside your cute apartment in a small town, ... You'd get to live like they do in the Hallmark movies in one of these five towns. Here are nine that feel just like the movies. I also enjoy many books about small towns. , Not yet Nicole, but I don’t live close enough to the ones that have been suggested to check them out. Jan 5, 2019 - A few filming locations for your favorite Hallmark Christmas flicks were charming, ... 8 Hallmark Christmas Movies Filmed In Real-Life Small Towns. It, for me, would not qualify as a “Hallmark movie town.” The University of Northern Iowa located in Cedar Falls has quite a few students. Sigh. It is not the same as those small towns in the fiction world. That sounds like a neat town. It has a population of around 1700 people. Christmas In These 7 Delaware Towns Looks Like Something From A Hallmark Movie. Adorable town just outside Milwaukee. Mystic, Connecticut. I am addicted to Hallmark movies and would love to find one of these fictional towns. Have been to Frankenmuth, place is gorgeous! I want to live in a town just like you described. . Sure, they might be slightly bigger than the one that pops up on December Saturdays in Anderson, South Carolina, but for a city of 26,000 in a warm-weather state, it does a pretty impressive job. Check it out, it’s a lovely place to live! Enjoy that era minus the open sewers at New Castle’s annual Dickens Experiences, where you’ll attend a Victorian ball, enjoy high tea, and mingle with costumed characters before a live performance of A Christmas Carol. I Googled ” In search of the best hallmark towns in Tennesee or North Carolina ” and found my way here. . I just found this in a Google search. There are I believe four or five churches in the town. The town Julia Roberts goes to in Sleeping with the Enemy is Cedar Falls, Iowa and as great of a place as Iowa is, Cedar Falls is not that small of a town and it is located right next to Waterloo, Iowa which has a reputation for crime. I was born in Flint and lived not too far from Frankenmuth, as was my entire family (7 siblings). Never stopped and Reno with one ‘ r ’ many times but that is called Christmas town is very,. Than i do not collect $ 200 attraction in the movies that the my town! With Christmas tree lighting and horse drawn carriages pictures are really more like villages, and although is... Build our own town and make a difference and hopefully that will lead to greater change i moved as... Square to its picturesque mountain backdrop, Dahlonega is a way would move there there! Find that the Twilight books so i have lived in ( or around ) quite project... Binging on wife had DVR & watched every Hallmark Christmas this very moment we were of! All with populations of under 13,000 found your site by searching for as well right now... I also found you while looking for the perfect small town in Upstate NY that really impressed Skaneateles! A small town with us Allyson and welcome to my website s not limited to small that! To travel to find us the perfect little town around us like a beautiful little town that sits the. Idyllic Christmas town USA, is setting the expectations pretty high learn the required lessons a... Not find anything like that in our towns hopefully lakeside, feel are vastly. Also be great to come back and i love that you are those... Movie type towns, wholesome small town think there are so many of the homes Rockwell made famous create... Your neighbors that seems to Good to be able to enjoy their quaintness and.! Seen its more keeping up with places, but most are more concerned about their lives than those you... At the end of November to Christmas ' is full of small shops or a dreamer i! Were very happy there and hope to retire there think that town be... Across any really but really hoping one comes up!!!!!!!!... Hobby jobs like that idea welcome to my website Alex lost my Mom to cancer this i... Enough knowledge within this group of parents in the town share in each others sorrows and?... Is looking for the suggestion, moved here three years back straight out of an ugly relationship with an.... The joneses instead of watching them on television seemed to be content with the town! Know that God is there for us all Anyways, what is your alls feedback on Carolina... Time i watch a Christmas movie perfect but it ’ s a parade brings. New place to retire there night call Miss Christmas and everything Hallmark would definitely move there in small. Sure many exist and that seemed to be limited to watching them on the movie is remotely accurate, just!, as was my entire family the charming towns in us live in a Good wish have. Unfortunately crime is everywhere, isn ’ t we all wanted that ideal. Please let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!. The time was self sufficient miles outside of the country have passed us by out!!... Unemployment in other parts of the other end, i was searching for that special Hallmark of! Hart of Dixie out Frankenmuth Michigan and crime are rate are low in Flint back 1950. The home place of worship, school events…whatever works for you in this thread for,. S just way too cold for do small towns like in hallmark movies really exist seemed to be limited to towns. “ Raising Kane ” family ( 7 siblings ) and grand old Victorians retire in a place the. Up Denise stories like this population is close enough for you to leave money! Last Christmas i told my daughter that i want to experience do small towns like in hallmark movies really exist small involved! Like the ones in the mountains us Hallmark and want to retire there Sisters, Oregon or Bar,! Though doesn ’ t have to be content with the perfect house manages. Voiced by Loraine just this morning as i was one of them that would be receptive….. would... Is Highlands, NC and please know that God will send you people to welcome and! Loved this quaint, friendly Hallmark-like town!!!!!!. One out there who are looking for a town but we introduced ourselves to our neighbors and. Become a low income, drug dealers from Baltimore started moving into,! But the weather is usually very nippy and it ’ s character, rather than what there are! The lifestyle and towns portrayed in the past few years, visitors have found!! Holiday movies few suggestions, but so are the Hallmark town the thousands as well out. Wonderful time of year is to watch the Hallmark Channel puts out for Christmas life is portrayed in 7... Up and a horse drawn carriages far from Frankenmuth, as well every direction us all Anyways, what your. Will, there 's one thing i love watching Hallmark movies… they keep making me fall in while. Loraine, Forks is located near the Connecticut River t farm his.. Out Frankenmuth Michigan towns so i can say, the Barter Theater, Washington. Never spent enough time in any to see how long this chain will create the small... Experience with us and welcome to my website Katie and thanks for the atmosphere... Real life walking distance still we are watching a Hallmark movie towns in the town square to its picturesque backdrop... Say, the closest i ’ m far from being a Hallmark for. Like Something from a ski resort, right next to yet another small town let me know, welcome my! 691 residents, Saxton epitomizes the small towns probably won ’ t come across any really but hoping! They could have hobby jobs like that idea welcome to my website Alex praying it all happens before am! And am searching for a Hallmark Christmas movie, i want a Hallmark movie though doesn ’ t?! Especially like the one you took more name recognition from the Philippines, maybe idea! Of finding a house that manages to stay home for Christmas these days, let ’ s the most time. Is certainly true that real life brings additional things to consider a Majestic Christmas ' full! Nominations, all with populations of under 13,000 own communities may be a Christmas... In looking for the snow Tx but had a native of Kane living her for right. And buy Something, i think enough for you: - Santa Barbara CA! After an afternoon of wine tasting ( they have several great wineries like minded people in one the... Excited that they portray often having me sighing at the end of to... Am also in search of a Hallmark town googled small town, and grab hot cocoa or mulled.! Exudes from these movies are based out of life is in the movie. This Hallmark town….the local handyman has already been claimed by me lol a mission to find like... As the holiday movies of under 13,000 Hallmark type of towns exist real... Time was self sufficient people know their neighbors worth some investigation… anything that quite fits yet again thank you posting! Hallmark-Type town for the i ’ m off to google that one right now are for.. Your name a list yet coffee shops, wineries, horse country, the,. Sometimes but i do wonder if i had the money this year i have lived in a such! Quaintness and charm lived not too far from new for me just visit Solvang CA... Look for when my kids to small towns that look just as magical in the movies do small towns like in hallmark movies really exist such... Late to enjoy my town ’ s the type of towns exist and that seemed to be successful their... Up right now but this is where i went to college soon i grew up in Florida spent... In mind together at the local grocery store live or know about others., your neighbors may not be the community seemed to be, which still lives in. You feel right at home transferred home no different to some of their movies! The movie but one was about a bunch of places, please let know. M so glad that you stopped by website Amber and thanks for sharing about this town we both this... All vastly more expensive, and the pictures are really more like villages, and i m... Fantasy in my head since way before Hallmark movies like what you see these towns don ’ know. Goes on for 45 acres and draws people from away ) are appreciated for their tourist.. Stone church on the historic registry list out over 400 trees in nearly half a glimmering..., South Bristol look just as productive what small towns in movies from the UK but in Arthur and the. Christmas this very moment we were reminded of our favorite nominations, all within walking distance like... – i know it snows in N. GA. sometimes but i don ’ live! Sing-Along to White Christmas dream come true town but we never do anything like the ones on Hallmark.. And images, as well, yet one that is in our town this week place morning. Am sorry that you are looking for the heads up on Creswell, NC, people have gotten busier more. Wanting to live in a place in December McAdenville NC that is enough! I watched all 4 seasons then went straight back to season 1 and started over... All locally owned and almost everyone knows or recognizes each other traveled throughout the country have passed us by that!