The better ways is do it with Radio Label (button). As the labels in both groups have the same text, the fieldset element also helps to distinguish the form fields by their groups. Example Overview. Character vector of values corresponding to the boxes that are checked. You should use labels to tie your checkbox and the descriptive text together, to allow the user to click a larger area when manipulating the checkbox - this is also good for assisting technologies like screen readers for visually impaired. To show you how this can be done, I have extended a previous example (the "Favorite Pet" selector) to include some JavaScript magic: Allow me to quickly run through what this code does. Checkboxes are a fundamental input component typically represented by an empty box in the unselected state and a box with a checkmark (hence the checkbox name) when selected. the HTML is used to define a checkbox field. Pushing any button sets its state to "on" and forces any other button that is in the "on" state into the "off" state. Here is an example, how you can do html checkbox checked (pre selected). Checkboxes. Learn how your comment data is processed. Bootstrap has own class of checkbox button, you will see below. The annoying thing about radio buttons as opposed to checkboxes is the necessity to create a "None of the above" option for every single grouping, which presents its own usability problems. 7. The simplest checkbox or radio button is an element with a type attribute of checkbox or radio, respectively: is used to define a checkbox field. elk6 22,912 Points Posted October 28, 2015 1:17pm by elk6 . Radio buttons are useful for getting a user to pick from a choice of options. Tip: Always add the