GraniteCote Veron Coating's GraniteCote Systems will provide an attractive finish by simulating the elegant look of granite or terrazzo flooring.
Performance Coatings
Performace Coatings Veron Coating Systems Epoxy and Polyurethane Performance Concrete Coatings are manufactured for environments that demand high performance and safety. In addition, you will have a decorative look that is easy to clean.
VerCrete VerCrete is a polymer-modified cement which is used to resurface old and new concrete into many beautiful textures including, Flagstone, Slate, Tile, Brick, and Textured Decking.
Sealers Veron Coating Systems concrete sealers are engineered with performance in mind. Made to enhance your surface. Veron Coating Systems penetrating sealers contain only the best polymers and additives to both penetrate the surface and bond to the substrate.
Stains When Allure stains are united with contemporary design, the resulting combination is nothing short of remarkable.
Faux Designs
Faux Designs Design Roller Coatings expand the versatility of epoxy and urethane coatings by adding an attractive patterned layer. Veron Coating's Design Roller Systems provides an attractive alternative to the standard solid color coating.
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We provide comprehensive training programs on all of our floor coating systems. Complete product and system knowledge is very important for success of all of your applications. Please call our sales representatives for a list of times and dates.

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